The ground on which your crane sits significantly impacts the type of machine you hire. From the terrain’s slope to the firmness and compaction of the soil, these factors are critical when ensuring the site’s safety for crane assembly and operation.

United Crane Services has significant experience in site risk assessment, so read on to learn more about how we keep your site and operations safe.


Ground conditions: affecting crane access

Construction and demolition sites come in all shapes and sizes across various locations. Whatever the situation, you must consider several factors before hiring large machinery.

Assessing the haul routes and slope of site access points is essential. This assessment must include any overhead hazards (e.g., power lines) that could affect the delivery and assembly of mobile cranes. Suppose there are overhead hazards at your site. In that case, the team at United Crane Services will plan around the voltage of the power lines and determine whether the equipment can maintain a minimum safe distance according to the voltage level and whether to create zones to maintain workers’ safety.


Ground conditions: affecting crane operation

If your ground is too soft, your heavy lifting machinery can sink. And it’s essential to remember a crane’s weight has huge implications on how to set up and operate it safely. Ensuring ground conditions stay stable while the crane is on-site is essential. A risk assessment will determine whether the ground has adequate drainage, is firm, and is graded to bear the crane’s weight. It’s also important to monitor weather conditions as they can affect ground stability throughout the crane operations. (Also Read: How to Use Mobile Cranes in Dangerous Weather)


Ground conditions: underground elements

A thorough risk assessment will also consider subterranean elements. Underground elements that can impact the safety of crane operations include:

  • filled-in trenches or excavations
  • covered manholes and shafts
  • concrete foundations hiding voids or softer material
  • pipe networks
  • electrical wiring
  • cellars, basements, and fissures.


Failure to assess terrain can be disastrous

Failure to competently assess a site’s ground conditions has the potential for catastrophe. A crane overturning during operation can be dangerous and expensive. If you’re looking for excellence among crane companies in Perth, let United Crane Services help. Our experts understand how to assess and monitor ground conditions to ensure your worksite and project remain safe.


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