United Crane Services has been providing Perth with mobile crane and lifting equipment hire for over a decade. We understand the importance of safety on-site, which is why we specialise in a range of lifting equipment – so you can get the job done effectively and safely.

Although cranes are common across worksites, lifting equipment like mini-crawlers and spreader bars aren’t quite as well-known. As they can make your lifting operations significantly safer, they’re worth getting to know, so let’s explore these accessories to see how you could safely use them on your worksite.


Spreader bar

Have an awkward or large load? A spreader bar will be perfect for you. Made up of two lower lugs to attach to the load and two upper lugs to attach to the hook, it’s a below-the-hook lifting device that aims to balance a crane by distributing the load weight more evenly.

That makes it ideal for crane operators who handle awkward or large loads. They’ll benefit from the increased stability of the load, reduced strain on lifting equipment, and the increased safety of the operation. Spreader bars also aim to prevent damage to the cargo.

Depending on the shape and dimensions of the cargo you’re working with, you may benefit from a spreader bar.


Man cage

Keeping your people safe on the worksite is just as important as safely operating your equipment. That’s where the man cage comes in. It’s a piece of equipment that you can use to safely lift people at your worksite.

Each project and site are different, and as such man cages come in a variety of designs to choose from. For example, you can choose a single man cage, which is ideal for tight spaces, or a first aid cage, which can help you transport injured workers safely.

The standard cage has a four-point lift and harness attachment, but you can adjust these to meet your needs.


Mini crawlers

Got a tight and tricky situation? You’ll benefit from a mini crawler: a spider crane that ranges from 1.8t to 16t capacity. They’re built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to navigate obstructions that even your standard mobile crane couldn’t. They’re perfect for urban sites where you won’t require a tall swing, but are great on all-terrains, as they can cross uneven ground, rough terrains and even elevated areas.


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