Cranes and lifting are an integral part of many construction projects. Crane’s versatility and capability are the reason they remain one of the most popular choices for lift and shift servicestransport and heavy haulage, and other mobile crane tasks across both the construction and demolition industries.

But how do you know which type of heavy equipment you need for your project? Doing a little research before your project commences can save money by ensuring you choose the right crane for your job.

Many types of cranes are available, and different cranes may have similar functionalities, which is why it can be challenging to choose the right one. Here at United Crane Services Perth, we understand how tricky the decision can be, so we created this guide to help you choose the right crane for your project.


Load weight and size

Start by logging the weight and dimensions of the load you need to be lifted. The answer will determine which crane you hire by choosing the one with the correct lifting power. A quick measurement can help you avoid overpaying for more lifting power than you need or potentially putting your crew and customers at risk by forcing the crane to lift more than it can handle. 

Remember to consider the type of load you’re lifting. A static load raises differently from a liquid-filled tank, which may require specialised lifting conditions. 


Moving distance

If your project requires a crane to transport equipment or heavy goods from one place to another, choose a crane with wheels. If the project needs good moved vertically, consider a static crane.


Lift height

The height of the lift will influence which mobile crane you’ll hire. The cranes’ boom length and capacity details are usually available in the load charts when you browse cranes to hire. The boom’s angle and radius play an essential role in crane stability.


Onsite Conditions

All cranes require stability to perform. Consider a crane designed for hazardous conditions if your project is on uneven or rough terrain. Consider a truck-mounted crane if your project is on flat, firm ground. (Related Article: How Terrain Can Affect the Crane You Hire)


Site Accessibility

Your project’s location can affect the equipment you choose. Typically, long-term projects need cranes that require onsite assembly, like tower cranes. Tower cranes also need a proper access road as mobile cranes must assemble them. 


Choose United Crane Services for your lifting equipment

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