Access Equipment

Access Equipment


When you are working at height, those pivotal tasks don’t have to be out of reach! Even more so, those important tasks don’t need to put your safety or your colleagues’ safety at risk.

At United Crane Services, we offer an extensive range of access equipment for sale for all your tasks where working at height or accessibility is an issue.


Elevated Work Platforms

Elevated work platforms, or EWP’s, are pieces of equipment used on a variety of indoor and outdoor worksites to reach heights safely.

Access Equipment
Access Equipment

United Crane Services’ Fleet

Our access equipment and elevated work platforms (EWP) include boom lifts, cherry pickers and scissor lifts.

We stock a variety of both electric and diesel rough terrain models to suit any application. Whatever the job big or small, we have an elevated work platform to suit most industries including building and construction, maintenance, warehousing, retail and more.


Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are a popular choice for elevated work, as they provide the operator with much more flexibility than a scissor lift.

There are different types of boom lifts that are especially suited to your access task. These are:

Straight Booms: When you need maximum length and easy manoeuvrability from your boom lift, a straight boom is your ideal choice.

Knuckle Booms: Knuckle booms allow up-and-over access to avoid obstacles on your worksite, with a joint that can be manipulated to move you up, down, back and forward.

Trailer-Mounted Booms: These booms are popular with businesses that have multiple worksites, as they are lightweight and can be towed by a normal vehicle. Trailer-mounted booms are easy to set up and for their size, they have outstanding capabilities.


Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers can be used for a variety of tasks, worksites and industries, ensuring you can comfortably access a wide range of heights.

From a safety perspective, cherry pickers are popular because the work platform is contained by guard rails, allowing you to complete any task with both hands, rather than holding on for dear life as you grapple with the height!

Cherry pickers also increase your productivity and are cost-effective, as you spend less time moving ladders or scaffolding to access your tasks.


Scissor Lifts

These elevated work platforms are used to lift people and loads vertically to reach the required heights. While scissor lifts are restricted to up and down movement, their compact design does make them a great option for a variety of industries.

A number of accessories can also be added to a scissor lift to give it, even more, use, with equipment such as turntables allowing the scissor lift to lift and rotate loads at height and tilters that allow the operator to manipulate the angle of a load.


Qualified and Professional Operators

Working at heights is high-risk work and in order to operate an elevated work platform, the operator must have the relevant training.
While it might seem like an easy job to do, training to operate these pieces of equipment involves hazard identification, pre-operation checks, safe operation of the machine, shutdown and safe parking of the machine

If no one on your job site has the relevant qualifications, you can hire one of our highly skilled operators along with one of our fleet of EWP for hire in Perth.

Our staff has all the relevant qualifications, as well as a wealth of experience across a range of industries.


Your Choice for EWP Hire in Perth

Reach new heights today with United Crane Services’ range of EWP for hire in Perth.

United Crane Services is Perth’s premier mobile crane, rigging and transport hire company with over a decade of experience serving the Perth Metropolitan area.

Contact United Crane Services today for a range of affordable, high quality and versatile equipment right at your fingertips.



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