Before you hire the first truck you come across, it is essential to do your research, but what is it you should be looking for? Have you considered the type of truck you will need or the number of trucks you might need? Below is a handy checklist you should go through before you enter into a hire agreement with a truck company.


Type and size

First, you should decide what type of truck you will need and what size would be suitable for the task at hand. You should consider the type of cargo you will be moving and how much space it will require. It is crucial not to leave hiring a truck to the last minute as this may mean you will not be able to hire the truck you want as options may be limited.

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Multiple trucks at once

Is your project one which will require multiple trucks at once? Then it is important to contact the truck hire Perth company with plenty of time to ensure there are no problems in acquiring the trucks. It would help if you also considered how long you will need the trucks for before you hire and clearly communicate this with the hiring company.



Before hiring a truck, you must be aware of what paperwork is needed and have it ready. This includes a valid driving license for the driver, cards and methods of payments, proof of insurance (if the truck hire company does not already cover this).


Truck condition

Next, you must need to enquire about the truck you would like to hire, ask about the mileage and ask about whether a new truck is available. New vehicles are a safer option, as they are more reliable and are less prone to mechanical difficulties. Ask about the condition of the truck and if there are any dents, scratches or any other damage. Checking for damage before you use the truck is an essential step as the company must note any previous damage was not caused by you. 



Lastly, check the tire tread and make sure they are clean and in legal condition and do not need replacing. This step is important for your driver’s safety and peace of mind.


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