Will you be managing a worksite and are unsure how to safely prepare and maintain a worksite with a crane operating on it? Then take a look at United Crane Services’ recent blog post to find out more about site safety.


Identify potential hazards

It’s best to identify potential risks before the crane arrives on-site as an inspection after the crane arrives could delay the project and mean you are paying for more crane rental days then you are using. Conducting a hazard analysis also reduces the risk of accidents on the worksite. Hazards to look out for include the terrain, uneven ground, pedestrian access points, buildings, dangerous weather, trees, wires and other overhead hazards.


Control the identified hazards

Once hazards have been identified, you then need to plan what to do to either eliminate these hazards or manage them safely and control the risks before any mishaps occur.   


Safety gear for your team

To keep your team safe on-site, it is essential to provide personal protective equipment such as gloves, earplugs or earmuffs, hard hats, high visibility vests and glasses or other protection for eyes. However, providing this equipment is not enough, make sure your team and any visitors on site are following safety protocol and are all adequately dressed and protected. For example, all staff members and visitors on-site should be wearing the required high visibility vests.


Conduct safety checks

It is crucial to conduct hazard checks on your worksite and also on the crane you are hiring. This is best to do when your crane rental arrives to ensure it is appropriately set up, and there are no issues before you start work. These safety checks on the crane can include making sure the crane is assembled with all the right components, in the correct order and with all the right tools and, checking the limit switches and load indication device is functioning correctly. It’s also smart to check the weather forecast throughout your project as wild weather and severe winds can affect the safety of operating a crane.


Have an emergency plan in place

Finally, make sure you have an easy to follow but effective emergency procedure plan in place for any emergency response or evacuation. Then ensure all team members are trained in the workplace emergency procedures and ensure they can identify where the muster point is located. Emergency and contact numbers should be easy to find and placed on areas where team members go past frequently, such as on doors.


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