Are you considering engaging in a crane rental but want to know more about the difference between dry hire and wet hire and which would be best for your business? Then keep reading!


Wet Hire

Wet hire is a package deal. It is the best option if you don’t have a trained or qualified crane operator on site. This is because wet hire includes the hire of a trained crane operator and also includes crane attachments. It often includes insurance for the crane and operator, servicing, repairs to the crane and a replacement crane if needed. Wet crane rentals can also be long or short term, which does allow some flexibility.


Dry hire

Whereas dry crane hire is hiring the crane only. This means an operator is not included in this type of rental, and the customer is responsible for hiring and paying an operator. Attachments are also not included in this hire agreement, and neither is insurance. The customer may also be responsible for repairs, insurance, maintenance of the crane. Dry hire is most commonly used for long term projects and projects with specific requirements such as long hours.


Which is best for you?

There are two types of crane hire because companies such as United Crane Services understand that different projects require different approaches. Wet hire is more suited to projects where it needs to be easy to budget, as there are no additional costs, including fuel. Everything is also fully insured when engaging in a wet hire and you are guaranteed an experienced crane operator who is familiar with the machinery. This means unexpected interruptions are also reduced as everything is sorted for you. Wet  hire is also a great option for short term projects as it requires less work on your end. However, the benefits for a long-term wet hire is that you can budget effectively.

Dry crane rentals give you more control over the whole project. This type of rental allows you to determine which days the crane operator will be needed, what type of insurance is most suitable for the project and who you would like to employ as the crane operator. Hiring your own crane operator can be useful, especially if they have worked on projects with you before, so they understand how you run your projects. Dry hire also allows you to rent attachments for when you need. However, dry hire does require a much more hands-on approach and more responsibility from the customer concerning the crane rental. When planning a project, it can become overwhelming researching crane companies. Perth business United Cranes make it easy.

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Why choose United Crane Services

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