Are you unsure which elevated work platform (EWP) will best suit your project or are not even sure what an EWP is and how it can improve the efficiency and safety of your project? Then keep reading United Crane Services’ handy ‘what to consider’ blog post to learn more.


What are Elevated Work Platforms?

EWPs are types of machinery which are used to reach heights safely for a variety of indoor or outdoor projects. They are handy for building, repairing, painting and even cleaning spaces with high ceilings. Check out United Crane Services impressive range of EWPs.


What are the different types of EWP?

Cherry picker

Cherry pickers are a very safe option because the platform is surrounded by guard rails, which means you can safely complete tasks with both hands. This increases your productivity as well as being cost-effective.

Scissor lift

A scissor lift just moves straight up and down, which makes it ideal for painting, cleaning, clearing gutters and changing signs. Scissor lifts are great if you just need to move vertically up and down and if the ground below is level.

Boom lift

Boom lifts give much more flexibility than scissor lifts. There are three types of boom lifts which are suited for different tasks. Straight booms are used when you need easy manoeuvrability and a maximum length. Knuckle booms give easy access to avoid obstacles and the trailer-mounted booms are light weight and can be towed by a normal vehicle.


Will you be lifting indoors or outside?

All of these EWP lifts can be used inside and outside. However, there are different regulations for indoor and outdoor use, and that needs to be considered before hiring a crane. These regulations affect factors such as how many people are allowed at a certain height. Before you start building, find out what regulations apply in your state or territory.


Consider the surface and environment

Another consideration you must account for is the condition of the surface of the site. Is it rough, soft, or are there any slopes on the site? Factors such as rain, wind and storms can affect the surface so it must be carefully monitored throughout your project. Electric scissor lifts tend to only safely operate on flat surfaces, which means they are great for use indoors. In comparison, large diesel boom and scissor lifts have larger tyres which makes them easier to operate on uneven or rough terrain, which is perfect for outdoor projects. 


Why choose United Crane Services?

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