Mechanical equipment installation jobs are never the same, so each project deserves the proper care and attention for your specific needs. To ensure you have the best contractor on site for your project, here are some habits of what separates the experts from the amateurs when it comes to equipment installation and project services.


Value-Based Engineering

It shouldn’t be the customer’s job to tell contractors how to do their job. At the beginning of the project, the proposal should include the best options available; even though it may not be something you thought of or necessarily considered part of the project.

Our customers come to United Crane Services because it’s our mission to not only meet their goals, but for them to be able to tap into our decades of experience to devise a plan that’s cost efficient and puts safety as a priority. You should be worried if your contractor just implements your exact scope of work unless you have the same skillset and have done it before.


Proper Training

When hiring an industrial contractor, customers should feel confident that the installation team is properly trained and can handle the scope of work as well as the associated risks. Sure, they know how to erect steel, but if they don’t know how to do it safely and use the proper equipment to execute the task, they won’t be a good fit for the job. It only takes one injury to not only compromise your team but also blow out the cost of the project.

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Spatial Awareness

To be a good equipment installer it’s also vital that they have good spatial awareness. United Crane Services we have always make sure we have a good feel for the site layout, the machines and size of the equipment. Our qualified engineering team is meticulous in its planning so even the smallest details aren’t missed that may ultimately lead to budget blowouts. When contractors don’t have good spatial awareness, it can create a massive logistics problem.


Realistic Timelines

A successful installation is one where both parties agree a realistic timeline without compromising safety. As we strive to exceed all of our customers’ requests, United Crane Services will always default to a timeframe that aligns with accomplishing a job safely. We won’t rush a 2 week project to meet a 10 day expectation. Both parties shouldn’t be too eager to complete a job way before the deadline as this causes unnecessary risks to safety and the project as a whole.


Good Housekeeping

Keeping job sites organised is vital to any successful installation. Clean and tidy installation sites translate to an indication of the contractors respect for the client’s facility, equipment and overall business. If a contractor doesn’t keep everything clean and organised, other teams on site are less likely to be hindered and are safer.


Open Communication and Coordination

When we’re on a job site installing machinery, we make sure we communicate with all teams around us. When all of the trades such as electricians, air conditioning professionals, painters etc are onsite, it’s important to remember that everyone shares a common end-goal and that communication and coordination are essential.



Everything may sound perfect and professional when you’re talking to the CEO or a supervisor, but what about the onsite team? Will a contractor’s employees treat your investment and jobsite with respect? At United Crane Services, we do. Respect and excellence is ingrained into our culture at every level of our organisation.


Why Choose Us?

Here at United Crane Services, we have built a name for ourselves for providing a positive safety culture, thorough attention to detail and a willingness to continuously improve our work practices to exceed health and safety regulations.

With several different types of equipment and services available, it’s important to consult a crane specialist as to which would be better suited for your needs. We would be happy to help you there: feel free to call us on +61 08 9250 4488, email us at or contact us. We specialise in a variety of mobile crane and lifting equipment hire options in Perth.