When hiring a mobile crane, hire the right one for your project, however, if you are unsure of which one is right for you then keep reading this blog post to find out.


What is a mobile crane?

Mobile cranes are cable-controlled cranes which are used for lifting and moving heavy items. They are mounted on tires or crawlers, which helps provide easy access and mobility. Mobile cranes are smaller than other cranes, and their compact design makes them suitable for projects in tight spaces and jobs with smaller land availability, such as residential and city projects. However, the size of mobile cranes does not affect its powerful lifting capacity. The lifting capability of a mobile crane is often higher than tower cranes.

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Mobile cranes vs tower cranes

The main difference between a mobile crane and a tower crane is that a mobile crane is mounted wheels or a crawler whereas a tower crane is fixed to the ground. A mobile crane is very versatile and useful for both commercial and residential projects, whereas a tower crane is used for the construction of tall buildings such as apartment complexes. (Related Article: Mobile Cranes vs Tower Cranes)


Types of mobile cranes

There are three types of mobile cranes. These are: the hydraulic boom crane which is often used for heavy lifting; the lattice boom crane which is used for moving items quickly; and the pick and carry crane which has two purposes, two lift and to transport.


Hydraulic boom cranes

This type of crane has strong lifting abilities which it sources from an internal hydraulic system. A hydraulic boom crane is the best type of crane to lift shipping containers and is perfect for major projects such as bridges, roadways and large buildings.


Lattice boom cranes

This crane can lift heavy loads and has excellent mobility. Their structure allows long boom lengths and the ability to have high capacities. This means they can move quickly and easily on-site and between sites.


Pick and carry cranes

This kind of crane is exceptionally versatile as it can act as a crane and a carrier to transport heavy cargo across site. A ‘pick and carry’ crane is also sometimes referred to as a non-slewing crane.

A franna crane is a type of ‘pick and carry’ crane which is designed to travel on public roads however franna cranes have stabiliser legs or outriggers. If you are considering hiring a franna crane, hire from United Crane Services. They are the most trusted crane company in Perth, and their professional reputation is unbeatable.


Why you should choose United Crane Services

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