Have you been looking for a machine which can perform the same tasks as a crane but can also transport loads around site? Then take a look at United Crane Services’ blog post below to learn more about Franna crane hire and what the benefits of using a Franna crane are. 


What is a Franna Crane?

A Franna crane is a ‘pick and carry’ crane which is similar to a mobile crane as it can be used on public roads and can transport materials. A ‘pick and carry’ refers to the crane being able to pick up loads and carry them around site or even to another job on a different site. Franna cranes are known as the most versatile crane in the industry as it is mobile, has a compact frame and is suitable for small domestic jobs as well as commercial jobs where heavy lifting is involved.


Easy mobility

As the Franna crane is made to be driven on public roads, you can have the crane used on multiple sites. This not only means you can get the most out of your Franna crane hire, but you don’t have to worry about renting another crane for another job. This crane’s manoeuvrability allows for tight access lifts which other cranes cannot facilitate. There is also no set up time involved which makes the crane a good choice for sites with time-sensitive projects.


Compact design

The Franna crane’s unique design makes it a piece of equipment which proves itself as indispensable. This type of crane does not have stabilisers or outriggers, which means the structure of the machine is smaller, making it an ideal crane for areas with limited accessibility. This also makes it perfect for inner-city sites where buildings and structures are close together. As this equipment takes up less room on site, it will be easier for your team to move around safely with less risk of an accident occurring.


For jobs big or small

This crane proves itself as a very versatile machine as it is perfect for domestic lifts but also well suited for performing bigger, commercial lifts. As the Franna crane can transport and lift heavy loads, less equipment will be needed for your projects which means more room on-site and more money saved!


Why choose United Crane Services?

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