For over 16 years, we’ve been providing the local people of Perth with reliable, quality and trustworthy equipment and services and mobile crane hire. We want to help our clients get the job done quickly and effectively, which is why we’ve put together this article. Both mobile cranes and tower cranes are useful pieces of equipment – but what’s the difference, and which would be better suited to you?


What are mobile cranes?

Mobile cranes are a lightweight alternative to heavy cranes. Unlike many of its counterparts, it can be driven on public roads and highways. The term ‘mobile’ comes from the fact that it can easily be moved from one site to another.

mobile cranes


Benefits of mobile cranes

Mobile cranes come with many advantages.



A mobile crane is much more flexible than its tower counterpart. It can navigate around obstructions and through narrow spaces, allowing it to easily enter sites where there is limited access.


Easy Setup

Setting up a mobile crane is significantly easier than setting up a tower crane. A tower crane can take days to set up, whereas setting up a mobile crane can be easily done, and unlike a tower crane, it will not need to be completely re-done when moved to a different location.



Although mobile cranes are smaller than tower cranes, they don’t compromise on lifting capacity. They can still lift heavy materials effectively, so you won’t be choosing between size and strength.


What are tower cranes?

Tower cranes are hard to miss at a construction site: they’re large, fixed and strong. They’re used to lift a wide variety of construction materials, from steel to concrete to tools.

tower cranes


Benefits of tower cranes

Although tower cranes are not as flexible as mobile cranes, they make up for it in other ways.


Lifting Capacity

The loading and lifting capacity of tower cranes is unmatchable by any other crane. If you need heavy loads lifted reliably and effectively, a tower crane would suit you well.


Height Capacity

Mobile cranes can be tall, but not as tall as tower cranes. They’re called ‘tower cranes’ for a reason. When it’s height you want, a tower crane is the crane for you.


What to consider before choosing one

Mobile cranes are easy to set up and navigate and are generally cheaper than tower cranes. However, if your project requires a tall, sturdy and reliable crane, you may be better suited to a tower crane.

Ultimately, it comes down to your project goals and what you need to accomplish (Also read: Benefits of Mobile Crane Over Fixed Crane).


Questions? Let us know

Both mobile and tower cranes are common on constructions sites. The one you pick for your project will depend on your project needs. If you have any questions about which would suit you better, or about mobile crane hire, contact United Crane Services today.

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