There is a wide variety of cranes on the market, however, most can be separated into two types: fixed or mobile cranes. Placing cranes into these two categories can make it so much easier to decide which crane you should hire. As all projects are different, a mobile crane could be perfect for one job and not as well suited for another. To learn more about the benefits of a mobile crane hire over a fixed crane hire keep reading!



As the names suggest, the most significant difference between a mobile crane and a fixed crane is that one is mobile and the other is not.  Once a fixed crane is set up, it cannot be moved, whereas mobile cranes can be moved to multiple sites, making it very adaptable to your project’s needs.



A mobile crane is also very versatile as it fits into small spaces and can even fit into large buildings. As mobile cranes are often smaller, they can also be used for domestic lifts such as moving furniture, installing a pool or moving storage containers.


Quick set up

As mobile cranes are an all-inclusive vehicle, they can actually be driven to and between sites and can be used almost as soon as they arrive on site. This means they have a quick set up time if any set up is required at all. This is significantly different from tower cranes which can take hours or even days to set up.


Cost efficient

As projects can become extremely costly, it is excellent to save money where you can. Mobile cranes are perfect for those on a tight budget, or if you want to keep your project running on time as you can use them from the day you hire it, to the day you need to send it back to the crane hire company. There are no wasted days where the crane cannot be used, meaning something can be accomplished with the crane every day.



One of the main benefits of a mobile crane hire is that the compact design makes it easy to fit into tighter sites and smaller spaces which other cranes would not be able to do. This is especially useful when the accessibility to the site is limited and can either be quite narrow, or power lines are hanging above the access point. This makes mobile cranes more suitable to a broader range of projects. If you would like to take a look at United Crane Services’ wide range of cranes.


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