Are you needing to hire a crane for a project but are unsure about what the health and safety regulations are in your area? Then let United Crane Services help you by reading their top four safety tips when hiring a crane. 


1. Understand the job requirements

Before you hire a crane, you need to understand what you need the crane for. Do you need a crane which can lift heavy objects but still be mobile or a crane which is stationary and very tall? You also need to consider how the crane can access the site and if there are any hazards such as power lines or buildings which will affect your job. When researching information about different crane hire companies, the information can all get a bit confusing. If you would like to get in contact with a team who understands that no two jobs are the same, then get in touch with the team at United Crane Services.


2. Hire a qualified crane operator

Next, you need to consider where you can hire a qualified crane operator from. Unfortunately, a crane is not as easy as driving a car, and you need to be qualified before you can operate it. Some crane hire companies, such as United Crane Services, make the whole process easy as they have a team of qualified operators available for your projects.


3. Comply with health & safety regulations

If you have not hired a crane before or have a hired a crane in a different state or territory, it is wise to brush up on your knowledge of Western Australia’s health and safety regulations. This is not only important to ensure your team is acting safely to reduce the risk of injuries or fatal errors but also to stop your project from being subject to prosecution. These rules and regulations change over time, so it is handy to stay up to date with any changes. Permits are often required when operating a crane, so it is helpful to create a checklist before you start to make sure you are operating within the law.


4. Inspect the site for hazards

When using a large piece of machinery such as a crane, small hazards on site can create big problems. Before you start your project and throughout the project, inspect the site for any dangers or potential issues like broken glass or pipes. It is best to conduct these inspections daily to avoid any mishaps or injuries to your team.


Why choose United Crane Services?

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